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Birth & Beyond is a conveniently located right here in Oklahoma City. We also hold privileges at several local hospitals, so you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with. The following is a list of hospitals we work with and other medical related links.

Complete Care for a Lifetime of Good Health
Regular exams are important not only to help you stay healthy, but to prevent serious problems from developing. Dr. Bhoplay will take the time to explain everything involved with your condition and care, and answer any questions you may have.

  • Prenatal (pregnancy) Care
    1. Normal
    2. Low risk
    3. High risk
    4. Teen pregnancy
    5. Multiple pregnancy

  • Well women and Preventive examination

  • Family Planning
    1. Birth control pills
    2. I U D (intra uterine device)
    3. Diaphragm
    4. Tubal sterilization
    5. Natural Family planning

  • Gynecology (Women's health problem)
    1. Abnormal menstrual period
    2. Painful menstrual period
    3. Frequent menstrual period
    4. Fibroid uterus (Tumor of the uterus)
    5. Endometriosis
    6. Pelvic pain
    7. Painful intercourse
    8. Abnormal pap smear
    9. Pelvic Infection
    10. Sexually transmitted disease
    11. Imperforate Hymen
    12. Miscarriage

  • Menopause
    1. Screening
    2. Hormone replacement
    3. Sexual Dysfunction
    4. Cancer screening

  • Urinary Problem
    1. Urine leakage
    2. Urinary tract infection

  • Weight Loss management

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